About Our Open MRI Machine

At North Dover Radiology, we want our patients to feel as relaxed and calm as possible when they come in for testing. With the variety of services we offer in our facility, one of the most comfortable digital imaging tests we offer is our open MRI testing. Our Hitachi .3t Open MRI machine is a state-of-the-art, cutting edge open MRI machine that offers some of the best when it comes to medical imaging. Here’s a look into what makes this open MRI machine one of the best in our industry.

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Hitachi .3t Open MRI Machine

Often referred to as the machine that redefined the open MRI, the Hitachi .3t Open MRI Machine is a step above the rest. This .3t open MRI is a lay-down piece of equipment, which utilizes a variety of different types of sound waves and magnets to produce high-quality, digital imaging. Not only does it produce a type of digital image that is more clear and advanced than we’ve ever seen, but the machine itself allows the patient to have a less restraining MRI experience.

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