Are You a Good Candidate for an Open MRI?

If you’re looking for options when it comes to different types MRIs, you’ve probably consideredcandidates for open MRI in Toms River NJ looking into using a facility that has an open MRI machine. Not only are they ideal for people who experience nervousness in enclosed areas, but they’re also a great choice for those who are sensitive to noise. Here are a few ways that you could be a great candidate for an open MRI.

You experience claustrophobia – If you experience claustrophobia, or the fear of confined and/or small places, an open MRI might be the right choice for you. While traditional MRI machines are very small, loud, enclosed spaces, people who suffer from claustrophobia may shy away from getting their scan done. The ability to lie down in an open space while having your test done puts many people at ease, making it a more comfortable experience for everyone.

Spinal injuries – If you suffer from a spinal cord injury that prevents you from being mobile in an upright position, an open MRI might be a good option for you. Many times, you need to adjust to another position during a scan. If you’re immobile in certain parts of your body, you may need a technician to help you. An open MRI allows you to be adjusted by the technician freely and easily.

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