Claustrophobia During MRIs & How to Confront Your Fear

Claustrophobia is the fear of enclosed and/or small spaces and effects many people throughout anxiety about MRIstheir lives. Unfortunately, there isn’t a cause or cure for claustrophobia, but it is treatable. If you have an MRI coming up and experience this, here are a few tips on managing your anxiety so your experience is as easy as possible.

Bring a friend with you for the procedure – Bringing someone with you, perhaps a friend or a family member, to keep you company during the procedure can help to keep you calm. Having someone sit with you during the procedure or just accompany you to the appointment can help ease the anxiety of going.

Practice breathing techniques – In the midst of anxiety, it’s important to remember to breathe. When you’re going in for your MRI and have claustrophobia, practice breathing techniques. Try to breathe deeply through your nose and out through your mouth to help keep you relaxed.

Try an open MRI machine – With the evolution of digital imaging, improvements have been made to MRI machines – including the open MRI. This allows you to not be in an enclosed area and still be comfortable during your scan.

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