Closed vs. Open MRIs

advanced open MRI Toms River NJWhen your physician tells you that you will need an MRI, it can bring up feelings of anxiety – especially if you experience claustrophobia. What you may not be aware of is that you have some options when it comes to the type of MRI scan you receive. There are both open and closed MRIs available depending on your needs. Here are the differences between them:

Closed MRIs

A closed MRI is a capsule-shaped tube that the patient lies in. Magnetic fields and radio waves are used to create images. A closed MRI produces extremely detailed images and is capable of taking images of areas that cannot be achieved with other types of scans.

The obvious drawback of a closed MRI is the discomfort it can cause to the patient. Because it is a closed-in space, there is a risk of panic attacks due to claustrophobia. Also, the traditional closed MRI is not equipped to handle obese patients. New wide-bore MRIs have mostly remedied this by creating a larger space to lie in, but it can still be uncomfortable.

Open MRIs

An open MRI does the same thing as a closed one, but with one key difference – the area is completely open. With an open MRI, magnets are placed on each side and the top and bottom. This helps claustrophobic patients remain calm, and ensures that a patient of any size can receive an MRI.

If the idea of a closed MRI makes you anxious, ask your physician about an advanced open MRI in Toms River NJ.