Getting an MRI of Your Head & What You Need to Know

Are you having an MRI of your head for the first time? This can be scary, especially if you are unsure of what to expect before your test. Here radiology in Toms River, NJare some things you need to know about having an MRI of your head or brain, and how to prepare.

An MRI can detect many various nervous system-related disorders – While it is not the most common choice for testing of the brain, an MRI can help to identify and evaluate many different types of neurological disorders. Physicians sometimes order MRI’s to view neurological damage after a patient has suffered a stroke or to diagnose certain seizure conditions.

It will not hurt your head – An MRI, regardless of what part of the body it is being performed on, does not hurt to have done. It is a common misconception that diagnostic testing can be painful and uncomfortable for the patient, but since MRI’s are non-invasive this is not usually the case. Most likely during an MRI of your head or brain, you will be lying down in a comfortable position and will not be adjusted unless the technician needs to do so.

If there’s metal permanently in your body, an MRI is not right for you – Since MRI’s use magnets to produce their detailed images, patients with metal implants in their body are not candidates for this type of testing. This includes metal plates in your brain and specific implants in your ears. However, this is usually talked about with your physician before your MRI is scheduled, so it is essential to address it with them.

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