How Athletes Can Prevent Knee Injuries

Being an athlete is not easy. Playing a sport takes a lot of dedication, and can often result in injuries, especially knee injuries. If you are training for a sport, use these five tips to prevent a serious knee injury from taking you out of the game: athlete stretching

Stretching – Both static and dynamic stretches are crucial to preventing injuries while working out. Stretching improves the mobility of your joints, which goes a long way toward preventing injury. Be sure to stretch your ankles and hips as well as your knees.

Warm Up – Jumping into an activity “cold” is never a good idea, and can leave you vulnerable to injury. Your workout should slowly raise your body temperature, so start your training with calisthenics and some light jogging. Getting your blood flowing and warming up your muscles will ensure that you can move more freely and prevent injury.

Cool Down – Stopping a workout immediately can cause your joints to stiffen up and become inflamed. After you are done training, take a slow lap or two to bring your body temperature back down slowly.

Flexibility – When something doesn’t flex, it breaks. Maintaining the flexibility of your hips, ankles, and knees is crucial to preventing knee injuries. Even on days when you are not training, doing some stretching and flexibility exercises, like yoga, can go a long way towards keeping you in optimal shape and preventing injury.

Overtraining – Overuse injuries are no fun, so listen to your body. If you experience pain after exercise that is more than the typical muscle soreness, switch it up and try a new activity that targets a different area of the body.


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