How to Prepare for an MRI

When it comes to preparing for your first MRI, there are certain things you need to do before you go. radiology centers in NJWhile it’s not a complicated procedure, there are steps you need to take in preparing to go that will help to move the process along for everyone.  Here are a few ways that you can get ready for your first MRI.

Limit your jewelry – Prior to your MRI, the technician will usually inform you to take off your jewelry. However, showing up with limited jewelry or things that can obstruct the scan, such as underwire bras, dentures, and hairpins, can make things go quicker.

Have a list of medications, conditions, and previous procedures done – Before you head into an MRI, the technician will most likely as you what medications you’re on, if you suffer from any conditions, and if you had surgery or procedures done in the past. This is to ensure your safety during the MRI scan as well as making sure everyone is taking the precautions they need during the procedure. Having a list of these things can help to make things go smoother.

Call out claustrophobia – If you’re claustrophobic, it’s best to let your doctor know ahead of time before they schedule your MRI. However, if you are feeling claustrophobic during the procedure, alert the technician and they will assist in making you feel more relaxed. If this is something you know prior to entering an MRI, your doctor can look at other MRI options for you or prescribe you a medication to help relax during the process.

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