How Your Doctor Diagnoses Your Knee Pain

Finding the cause of knee pain can be a complicated process for your doctor, but an even more frustrating one for you because of the

discomfort. Regardless of if you have been injured recently or are just experiencing some overall aching in that area of your body, there is a specific process your physician goes through when diagnosing your knee pain. Here are a few ways in which they find out what is going on in your knee and how to fix it.

They will ask about injuries – One of the most common reasons people develop knee pain is because of an injury. Whether you play a sport or just have stepped on uneven ground wrong, your doctor will ask you if you have injured your knee recently.

They will ask about what you were doing before noticing the pain – If you do not think an injury directly causes your knee pain, your doctor will ask you about what you were doing right before you noticed the pain. This helps them get a better picture of the activity you were involved in before realizing the discomfort in your knee so that they can put together a timeline of events leading up to the pain.

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