Lung Cancer Screening: Why It Is Important

According to the American Lung Association, 13% of all cancer diagnoses are of lung cancer. Additionally, lung cancer also accounts for 27% of advanced imaging Toms River NJ for lung cancerall cancer-related deaths. With these facts in mind, it is crucial to have yourself preventively screened if you are at risk of developing this deadly disease. If you or someone you love is at risk for being diagnosed with lung cancer, here are some reasons why it is so essential to have pre-screening for it done.

If you catch it early, it will be easier to treat – Like many forms of cancer, early detection is key when it comes to finding lung cancer. Many times, symptoms of lung cancer can mean that it has spread elsewhere in the body and it becomes harder to treat that way. Knowing that symptoms do not always show up when someone has lung cancer, it is even more vital to be proactive in looking for it through preventative screening.

Screening is relatively easy to find – Once you have determined with your doctor to see if screening for lung cancer is right for you, finding a facility to have it done in is relatively simple. Working alongside your physician, look for a facility that has a low-dose, CT scan, which currently is the only accepted screening for lung cancer.

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