National Cancer Survivor’s Day and Why It Is Important

According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, over 15.5 million people in the United States either have or have battled cancer in the past. On the first Sunday in June of every year, cancer survivors, their families, and friends celebrate National Cancer Survivor’s day. This day is a celebration of life and serves to inspire and support those who have been recently diagnosed or are battling this disease. At North Dover Radiology, we promote overall wellness and believe that raising awareness about the various warning signs, symptoms, and treatments for cancer is important. Here are a few reasons why National Cancer Survivor’s day is so essential in the fight against a disease that claims over 600,000 lives a year.

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    National Cancer Survivor’s day was started by the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation in 1987. They are a nonprofit organization that provides resources, information, and help to those who are battling or have a history of cancer.

  • The foundation also provides education and guidance in hospitals to cancer patients about what to expect after the go into remission.
  • The day celebrated across the United States and gives survivors, family, friends, and medical professionals the chance to get together in solidarity against the disease.
  • Additionally, the foundation and the celebratory day raise awareness for early cancer detection, follow-up care, and prevention tips so that others who might not be affected yet by cancer have the resources they need to stay healthy.

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