The Benefit of an Advanced Open MRI in Lakewood, NJ

Having an MRI done can be an anxiety-ridden experience for anyone, especially if they have never had one before. An MRI is considered to be one of the most progressive types of medical imaging available, and having one done can allow your doctor to see things that standard imaging cannot show. One of the newest forms of this type of imaging, open MRI’s, are not only at the cutting-edge of medical imaging but are also some of the most comfortable for patients as well. Here are some of the best benefits of having an advanced open MRI in Lakewood NJ, with us, and how it can help you get the treatment you need in the best way possible.

It’s comfortable – The traditional MRI experience has always been one that some people feared because of the enclosed, tight space and loud noises the machine makes. With our advanced open MRI in Lakewood, NJ, the testing experience for the patient becomes less enclosed and a little more comfortable for the duration of the procedure. While the technician may adjust you during your MRI, the environment in which you are in for an open MRI is less constricting and allows you to move a little more freely.

It’s accommodating – For some patients, an MRI can be an anxious experience outside of the enclosed area. Those who suffer from limited mobility or are unable to move certain parts of their body can find the standard MRI procedure to be exhausting and often uncomfortable. Our advanced open MRI in Lakewood, NJ allows patients who need additional assistance from technicians with mobility to have the freedom to do so. The accessible format of our MRI machine allows less stop-and-go for patients that require assistance with their adjustments, making the testing as smooth and calming as possible for all who are involved.

It’s accurate – Not only is our advanced open MRI in Lakewood, NJ accommodating and comfortable for patients, but it is highly accurate as well. Our machine, the Hitachi 3t Wide Open MRI, is one of the best available in the digital medical imaging industry. Additionally, an open MRI experience allows for the positioning and alignment of what is being viewed to be placed correctly under the magnets, making it easier for physicians to see the areas of the body that they need to view up close.

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