Myth vs. Reality About Advanced MRI Imaging in Lakewood

At North Dover Radiology, one of the goals we strive to achieve is to educate our patients on all aspects of advanced MRI imaging in Lakewood. Whether that is telling them about what will happen during an MRI or give them information about our diagnostic imaging equipment, we want to be able to have an open, educational conversation with all of our patients regarding digital imaging. This type of conversation includes dispelling myths about the various aspects of radiology and providing our patients with the real, factual information surrounding these myths. Here are a few questions we receive and statement’s we have heard regarding imaging and if they are a myth or a reality.

“I do not need a physician’s order to receive diagnostic imaging.”

The Reality:  Yes, you do. Being one of our most frequently asked questions for advanced MRI imaging in Lakewood, some patients are often under the impression that they can receive an MRI without having a physician’s order. Under the Code of Federal Regulations, it is a law that you must have a doctor’s referral before obtaining any form of diagnostic imaging.

“I do not want an MRI because I do not want to be exposed to radiation.”

The Reality: MRI’s do not use radiation, so the likelihood of you being exposed to any form of it during your MRI is very minimal. Our advanced MRI imaging in Lakewood, as well as this type of testing in other facilities, only uses magnetic fields and sound waves to produce the images from an MRI. Other forms of diagnostic imaging due use very small levels of radiation to create the pictures of a patient’s body, such as X-rays, but are not something that you should be worried about exposing yourself to for testing.

“I have heard that open MRI’s do not give the same level of accuracy as a traditional MRI.”

The Reality: This common misconception could not be farther away from the truth. When you any advanced MRI imaging in Lakewood at our facility, you can guarantee that with the experience of our doctors and cutting-edge technology that you will receive accurate images. The accuracy level between a closed and open MRI machine does not differ at all, and the only thing that genuinely changes between the two is the experience the patient has during the test.

For the best advanced MRI imaging in Lakewood, our knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced staff at North Dover Radiology should be your choice for testing. To learn more about our facility or schedule an appointment for our diagnostic imaging services, call us today at (732) 370-9902.