The Difference Between Closed & Advanced Open MRI’s in Lakewood, NJ

When your physician orders an MRI to be done on a part of your body, they are usually looking for a detailed image of an injury, organs, muscles, or tissue. However, they can also decide within the order what type of MRI you had done, whether it is a closed or open MRI. The difference between the two tests is not big at all, but it is more so which test is best for your situation. Here is the difference between a closed and advanced open MRI in Lakewood, NJ, and how to determine what is best for you.

Traditional MRI’s

Traditional MRI’s, or closed MRI’s, are the standard for MRI imaging if you do not have mobility or claustrophobia issues. It is referred to as a closed MRI because of the cylinder machine that the patient goes through to get tested. The tube-shaped area is the magnetic part of the machine that takes the various images of the patient’s body. As opposed to advanced open MRI’s in Lakewood, NJ, during a closed MRI the patient stays in the cylinder during the testing, which could cause issues for some patients. People who have problems with mobility, such as the elderly or wheelchair users, do not usually benefit from the closed MRI because they have to have assistance with adjustments during the test.

Open MRI’s

One of the newest types of imaging experiences available to patients is open MRI’s. An advanced open MRI in Lakewood, NJ, has the same level of detail as a traditional MRI, but it offers a more spacious, accessible testing environment. Our open MRI machine at North Dover Radiology functions the same way as a closed MRI but allows the patient to be tested without having to stay within the enclosed area. An advanced open MRI in Lakewood, NJ, is exceptionally beneficial for disabled people or patients who have claustrophobia. It is also an excellent option for those who will need assistance with adjustments throughout the testing process since the technician can aide them without pausing the entire procedure.

If you are looking for a facility that offers a comfortable, accurate, advanced open MRI in Lakewood, NJ, turn to us at North Dover Radiology. Give our staff a call to set up your appointment with us today at (732) 370-9902.