Patient Portal for Advanced Medical Imaging in Lakewood, NJ

Get access to downloadable forms to fill out and bring to your next appointment with our Patient Portal from North Dover Radiology. Save time, pre-register, and learn more about preparing for your upcoming test in our Open MRI, Low Dose CT, Ultrasound, Mammography, Bone Density or Digital X-Ray in Lakewood, NJ.

Patient care is our first concern at North Dover Radiology. Knowing that you will not have to remember important medical history facts the day of your test will help you feel calm and secure. Taking the time, in advance, to fill out the forms will give you the chance to understand more about your procedure and concerns for advanced medical imaging in Lakewood, NJ. Our general forms will provide the Patient Rights form, general information about your current medications or past procedures, as well as a release for the imaging center to have access to your medical records for professional and safety purposes only.

Other options of forms might include questionnaires that primarily deal with the area of focus during the exam. When making an appointment for radiology in Lakewood, NJ, it is important to trust the team that is working on your behalf. Our priorities always center on our patients and the quality of the time they spend with us at our state-of-the-art facility. Take the time to fill out our general medical forms before your visit so that your day can stay on schedule. Our easy to use Patient Portal will save you time and energy by getting you ready in advance of your testing day.

Ask the staff at North Dover Radiology about how you can enjoy the time-saving benefits of our Patient Portal.

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