Radiology in Toms River, NJ, Can Diagnose Sports Injuries

sprinterIt’s not uncommon — you’re on the field or court, feeling good and playing well, then something isn’t right. You might have felt something pop in your knee, or your elbow is hurting, or you came out much the worse for wear from a collision.

No matter what the reason is if you think you’ve suffered a sports injury, you need to get answers. At North Dover Radiology, we have the skills and equipment to diagnose your problem. Radiology in Toms River, NJ, provides a clear image of the area and gives you the information you need to treat the condition.

Of course, it’s better to prevent those injuries in the first place. Our staff has come up with a list of ways to prevent sports injuries. They are simple steps that can be practiced by athletes of all ages.

  1. Always warm up before an activity. This helps get your blood flowing and your muscles warm and ready for use.
  2. It’s an effective way to remain limber and flexible. Gradually build up your stretches, so you don’t tear muscles. Hold the stretch but don’t bounce or force it. Stretches are good before and after an activity.
  3. This is always good for maintaining overall health with strong bones and muscles that are less prone to injury.
  4. Use proper technique. Learn the skills you need to play the sport and perform them properly so you don’t injure yourself by doing something you shouldn’t.

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