Radiology’s Role in Diagnosing Abdomen Pain

stomach painAbdominal pain is known for having many different causes. Unfortunately, in the past, those cases were difficult to diagnose, even with comprehensive physical exams. Today, thanks to advances in modern radiology in Toms River, NJ, many health service providers can quickly and non-invasively identify potential causes of abdomen pain using X-ray technology.

Abdominal X-rays are more common than ever thanks to their efficiency, safety, and accuracy. Before now, many physicians relied on physical examinations to tell them the causes of different kinds of abdominal pain. For example, depending on the area from which the pain stemmed, physicians could make educated guesses as to what the issue was, along with the results of lab testing when applicable.

Today, instead of potentially causing patient discomfort, more and more physicians are relying on abdominal X-rays to show problems like:

  • Blockages
  • Foreign objects
  • Kidney stones
  • Damaged intestines/stomach lining
  • and more

Additionally, having a visual description of the problem allows for a more accurate diagnosis. With less guessing and less discomfort, it’s no wonder that more physicians depend on X-rays to help diagnose abdominal pain. Moreover, perhaps most importantly, patients can receive effective treatments more swiftly and with less pain.

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