Relaxation Tips for Your MRI

If you’re going in for your first MRI or you’ve been through the test a few times already, your nerves open MRI in Toms Rivercan often times get the best of you. Whether it’s the noises that the MRI machine makes when it’s performing the scan or the tight, enclosed area that makes you antsy, it’s important for your health and the sake of the test that you stay relaxed. Here are some techniques you can try while getting your MRI done that will help to keep you calm, relaxed, and still so that your exam will go smoothly.

Deep breathing – This is something that can be utilized throughout other aspects of your life, but deep breathing techniques are beneficial to MRIs too. Try breathing deeply by expanding your lungs and stomach while inhaling, and letting your stomach go back in while you exhale through your mouth.

Ask to listen to calming music – One of the best ways to relax while you’re getting your procedure done is to ask to listen to calming music. Whatever you think will best relax you, from classical music to ocean sounds, can be played in efforts to keep you at ease during your MRI.

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