Sarcomas and the Value of an Advanced Open MRI in Toms River NJ

doctor and patientJuly is Sarcoma Awareness Month, and it marks the perfect opportunity to discuss the importance of modern diagnostic tools. This dangerous form of cancer has a devastatingly low median diagnosis age and survival rate, even among similar diseases. Though it’s relatively rare compared to other cancers, it impacts around 15,000 Americans every year and remains one of the most consistently deadly conditions of its kind.

So, how can resources like an advanced open MRI in Toms River, NJ, help? Like any cancer, sarcomas are much more likely to prove survivable with an early diagnosis. In fact, the 5-year survival rate more than doubles when doctors catch them before they have a chance to metastasize.

Unfortunately, restrictive and inaccessible diagnostic machines have historically made many patients reticent to get problems checked out early. Today, open MRIs accommodate a wide range of body types comfortably, securing accurate results while remaining sensitive to issues like claustrophobia and discomfort. This seemingly small advantage can have a life-saving difference when it comes to a sarcoma.

Though this form of cancer is as frightening as it is dangerous, new diagnosis and treatment options continuously give patients hope for a better future. This Sarcoma Awareness Month, it’s important to spread information about the value of modern radiology. Getting more people to take advantage of in-depth diagnostic tools can give sarcoma sufferers the one thing they need most — time.