Digital X-Ray Imaging at North Dover Radiology

Along with our new services we are offering, Digital X-Ray is finally available at our Lakewood, NJ location! We are proud to use the best equipment when it comes to diagnostic imaging at North Dover Radiology. For our Digital X-Ray imaging, we only use machines that operate using an extremely low dose of radiation. The images can easily be manipulated for a more diverse and accurate diagnostic interpretation.

Common Digital X-Ray imaging uses:

  •  Identifying bone fractures within the body
  •  Locating foreign objects
  •  Identifying the cause(s) of abdominal pain

When you’re in need of advanced medical imaging in Lakewood, NJ, turn to our talented, friendly and ACR-accredited staff at North Dover Radiology. Contact us for more information today regarding any of our services or to schedule your appointment today!