Open MRI in Lakewood, NJ

At North Dover Radiology in Lakewood, NJ, we believe that our patients’ care and comfort are most important. That’s why we’re proud to offer our Open MRI in Lakewood, NJ services for patients needing an Open MRI and the surrounding areas. Our ACR-accredited facility provides all of the diagnostic qualities of a traditional MRI with the patient benefits of an Open MRI experience such as reduced risk of claustrophobia and less barriers to weight, size and age.

What Is an Open MRI?

MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, is a safe and painless noninvasive test that allows physicians to have a full view of the body. An Open MRI at our facility is less restrictive and confining than a typical MRI. We find that our patients feel increasingly calm and comfortable with the freedom that this less-restrictive imaging procedure provides.

Our Open MRI machine can accommodate a wide variety of body types, which provides more comfort for the patient. The open design of our MRI helps patients who experience claustrophobia without compromising the integrity of the testing being performed. In addition, an Open MRI is an excellent choice for patients that need additional supervision throughout the process. It is also possible that during our Open MRI in Lakewood, NJ, that a patient may have a family member or loved one stay with them in the procedure room.

During an Open MRI, you will lay on a cushioned table that slides into the MRI scanner. You will be monitored at all times and a high-quality speaker system will keep you connected to our technician throughout the procedure. Having your loved one close by can also be comforting during this time, where applicable.

At North Dover Radiology, we use the Hitachi .3t Open MRI Machine, which is premium technology within the industry. This type of open MRI provides high-quality resolution, which leads to more accurate results for your physician to use.

About the Open MRI Machine

Our Hitachi .3t Open MRI Machine is a laydown MRI machine that uses two powerful magnets and sound waves to take detailed pictures of the body. The magnets are above and below the machine, making the Open MRI experience comfortable for every patient. The MRI combines strong magnetic fields with radio waves to produce computer-generated images without the use of radiation. However, there are some instances, which an MRI may not be advisable and it’s best to consult your doctor before going to the procedure.

Physician Referrals for our Open MRI in Lakewood, NJ

If you’re a physician, you’ll enjoy working with North Dover Radiology in Lakewood, NJ. We provide a superior level of Open MRIs to help referring physicians provide the best patient care. Our staff prides itself on providing dependable service and experience to referring physicians. It is also very easy to schedule an appointment for a Lakewood Open MRI at our imaging center. Our services are available on days and evenings Monday through Friday.