Shoulder MRI’s – What You Should Know

advanced imaging Toms River NJWhether you have been injured or just are having some mild pain, shoulder MRI’s can help to diagnose the source of your issues or whether there is any existing damage done to that area. Since it is such a vital part of your body, any shoulder pain or injury requires detailed, medical attention. That is usually why an MRI is done to get a better view of what’s happening to your shoulder and how it can be treated. Here are some things you should know about your next shoulder MRI.

What a Shoulder MRI Shows Your Doctor

In contrast to other types of medical imaging, an MRI can show your doctor a comprehensive view of the bones, joints, muscles, and other tissues in your body. This gives your doctor a view that traditional X-rays do not provide, which helps to diagnose and treat certain injuries and conditions easier. When it comes to your shoulder, an MRI can outline for your doctor using magnets and radio waves where the source of the problem is located in your upper arm.

Compared to X-rays, can your physician a view into areas that do not show up elsewhere on your shoulder. From the joints in that area of your body to damaged tendons, a shoulder MRI can explore all possible areas of your upper arm and get to the bottom of what is causing your pain. The procedure for a shoulder is no different from any other type of this testing and should be prepared for exactly as you would any other MRI.

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