The Difference Between MRI’s and Other Medical Imaging

Have you ever wondered what the difference between an MRI and other types of imaging was? It can be hard to distinguish what makes each radiology in Toms River, NJtype of medical imaging different from the other; however, there are some variations within all of them. Here are a few ways in which an MRI is different from the other types of imaging.

There isn’t any radiation involved in an MRI scan – One of the biggest misconceptions that are out there about MRI’s is that a patient is exposed to radiation during the procedure. That is not the case at all, as MRI scans do not use any form of radiation. Instead, they use a combination of magnetic fields and radio waves to produce a high-quality, comprehensive view of a patient’s body.

MRI’s cannot be done on everyone – While each type of diagnostic imaging has its ideal patient or condition it can view, MRI’s are one of them that cannot be done on anyone. Patients with certain types of metal implants and other types of artificial organs, limbs, or other medical devices in their body are not good candidates for an MRI scan.

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