Things That Can be Found in an MRI

radiologist speaking with patientAn MRI is used to view your organs, bones, and tissues to diagnose injuries and diseases. The MRI uses magnetic fields to create accurate images of structures in your body. This diagnostic test can be used to diagnose many things:

Brain and Spinal Cord Scans – Radiologists can take a scan of your brain and spinal cord to diagnose conditions like aneurysm, brain injuries, tumors, MS (multiple sclerosis), eye problems, inner ear problems, spinal cord injuries, and stroke. Your doctor can also look for brain atrophy, which is an indicator of Alzheimer’s disease.

Heart and Blood Vessel Scans – MRIs can look at your blood vessels and heart to check for blocked or swollen blood vessels, heart attack damage, heart valve problems, pericarditis, problems with your aorta, structural issues within the heart, and tumors.

Bone and Joint Scans – A scan of your bones and joints can reveal arthritis, bone infections, tumors, joint damage, damage to ligaments and tendons, herniated discs, spinal cord compression, and fractures in the bones that can’t be seen on an X-ray.

Other Problems – In addition to these specific scans, MRIs can also be used to identify problems in your liver, kidneys, ovaries, pancreas, prostate gland, spleen, and other organs.

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