Various Types of MRI Machines Available

advanced imaging toms river njMRI scans: you know what they are, and why people get them, but did you know that there is more than one kind? Depending on the health service provider, different types of MRI machines are used with various benefits and downsides. All of them achieve the same purpose–assessing soft tissue–but not all look the same. Here are a few you may encounter at local doctors’ offices:

Open MRI: The open MRI scanner is radiology’s answer to the traditional, yet somewhat cramped closed MRI scanner. They are much more comfortable for patients and, thanks to ongoing improvements, offer much higher-fidelity images than they previously did.

Closed MRI: The closed MRI machine is generally regarded as the traditional MRI machine. You may have seen one on television before, or in a movie; the image of a patient lying in a long, large tube is ubiquitous to hospital dramas. As far as advanced imaging goes, this scanner’s images are generally very high-quality.

Standing/Sitting MRI: In the medical field, accessibility is essential. Not all patients have the ability to climb onto MRI tables, so today; sitting/standing MRIs are options for patients that need to remain sitting for medical reasons.

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