What an MRI Can Detect

Whether you are just curious about what an MRI can do or have never had this type of diagnostic imaging done before, MRI’s are some of the most interesting kinds of tests in the medical field. Not only do only do MRI’s not utilize any form of radiation to do their testing, but they are also some of the most frequently-used, widely accepted, and detailed images available. Here are just a few things in which an MRI can detect in a patient’s body.

Deep vein thrombosis – One of the most deadly conditions that over 200,000 peopen MRI in Toms Riverople in the US develop each year is something called Deep Vein Thrombosis, or DVT. DVT is caused when a blood clot forms in your legs, thighs, or other parts of your lower extremities. One way to identify DVT is through an MRI, which can help to find the issue early and save a patient’s life.

Lymph node conditions – Lymph nodes serve a significant purpose in the body, which involves taking waste to the proper parts of the body and taking nutrients and water throughout various systems. If a lymph node is swollen or in enlarged for another reason, an MRI can detect what is going on in it so that the problems can be identified early.

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