What You Need to Know about DEXA Scans for Bone Health

doctor showing patient results of dexa scanThe value of testing bone density becomes apparent when results indicate that you have, or do not have, osteoporosis. This condition causes bones to be weak and more prone to breaking.

If the test shows that you do have it, then you can take steps to treat the condition and make your bones stronger. You can also be more careful in situations that may lead to injury. On the other hand, if you are not diagnosed with it, there may be another underlying cause of bone brittleness that needs to be sought. Alternatively, maybe results will indicate that your bones are strong and dense, and you can take steps to maintain that, through exercise and healthy eating, for example.

At North Dover Radiology, we provide advanced medical imaging in Toms River, NJ, such as bone density scans, to provide answers to questions patients have about their health. These scans, also knowns as DEXA (dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry) are very efficient at measuring bone loss to diagnose osteoporosis.

It’s a painless, non-invasive procedure which is quick and requires no anesthesia. The amount of radiation used to capture the image is very small, much less than that for an x-ray or daily exposure to the sun.

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