What You Should Know About Digital X-Rays

digital chest x-ray on a tabletIn the past, the only way to get an x-ray exam was to rely on traditional film. While this approach was a vital part of healthcare for many years, it’s quickly becoming obsolete thanks to the advent of digital technology. Today’s top choices for radiology in Toms River, NJ, bring you a better option for your x-ray needs.

So, what makes digital x-rays so much better than their film-based predecessors? At the top of the list for many patients and experts alike is a heavy reduction in radiation. Digital exams expose you to as little as 10% of the levels you’d encounter with the older method. That isn’t the only advantage the offer, however. Digital x-rays also feature benefits like:

  • Less Environmental Risk Due to Developing
  • Instant Access on Any Office Monitor
  • Enhancement and Enlargements Capabilities
  • Transferability via Email

In short, using digital images is safer, faster, and more convenient for everyone involved. Most importantly, they make for better diagnostics — a feature that can save lives and make a major impact on your treatment plan. When you need x-rays, it’s worth looking for a provider who has the ability to offer modern, efficient digital imaging as opposed to old-fashioned film.