When It’s Time for an MRI

Lakewood imaging centerDo you know when it’s time to get an MRI? Many people wait for their doctors to tell them they should have this procedure done, however there are signs to keep an eye out for that your body lets you know. Here are some common warning signs it may be time to consult your doctor about scheduling an MRI.

You’ve experienced a brain injury – Generally, an MRI is a standard procedure after a brain injury. However if you’ve experienced multiple concussions throughout the years, a brain MRI could be necessary. This helps to map your brain’s current function and diagnose any other existing issue that may arise.

You’re experiencing heart issues – While immediate action needs to take place when treating heart and/or chest pain, issues developing from a previous heart attack may need an MRI to diagnose them. An MRI can see your heart vessels’ current flow pattern and function, and perhaps even call out any other issues, like blockages, before they become fatal.

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