Who Would Benefit from an Open MRI?

Have you ever wondered if an open MRI is right for you? The chances are that utilizing our open MRI machine for your next test is probably the right option, but there are certain people would benefit more from this type of diagnostic imaging. open MRI in Toms RiverHere are some examples of people who could benefit from our open MRI in Toms River.

Patients who experience claustrophobia – Those who experience claustrophobia, or the fear of tight, enclosed spaces, might benefit more from an open MRI as opposed to a traditional MRI. Our open MRI machine allows the patient to lie down and have their testing done in an open environment, while traditional MRI machines are smaller and can often trigger those who have claustrophobia.

Patients who have issues getting around – Those patients who experience issues getting around often benefit from the experience of an open MRI. The ability to have the technician adjust them accordingly in an open MRI machine can be an easier experience for them and allow them to relax during their procedure.

Children – Having an MRI, at any age, can be a nerve-racking experience for anyone. However, children can be startled by the traditional MRI process – the enclosed area, the loud noises, and the ability to not free themselves from somewhere can all be scary to them. An open MRI might be a better option for a child’s MRI experience since the environment is less restricting and less chaotic.

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