Your Doctor’s Process on Determining if You Need an MRI

Have you ever wondered how your doctor determines if you need an MRI or not? It would seem pretty straightforward to some people; advanced imaging Toms River NJhowever, particular criteria needs to be met before this test is ordered. Here are some ways in which your doctor decides that an MRI is the right test for you.

Based on your condition – If you have recently had an ACL-related injury or issues with arthritis in your joints, and MRI might not be the right test for you. Certain orthopedic conditions and injuries might not be helped by the comprehensive imaging that an MRI provides. Even though MRI’s are often more detailed than traditional diagnostic imaging, they could be too detailed with certain conditions and a procedural x-ray might be better suited for you.

Based on timeframe needed to treat you – Though we specialize in open MRI’s at North Dover Radiology, we know that not the time it takes to perform the test is not always ideal for specific situations. MRI’s can take longer than other types of testing since there usually is more of a need during them to adjust a patient during the procedure. Many times based on the severity of the injury or illness and the timeframe needed to treat a patient, doctor’s will not order an MRI right away for the sake of seeing only what they need to see at first.

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